Pupil Library Assistants

Join the team at PSL!

We have a large team of dedicated pupil library assistants, who help out with issuing and returning items, finding resources for pupils and staff and helping them to find good reads, and helping to move the Library forward.

Some stay with us for years, others decide to do it for a shorter period. Whatever career pupils pursue, whether in information and library management or not, the skills they develop as pupil library assistants are invaluable and much valued by employers seeking references.

I'm interested in becoming a pupil library assistant, what do I do?

As there is always more demand than places available, you need to fill in an application form and apply to join the team. If successful, you will spend a trial period with us to make sure it's right for you! One break and/or lunchtime is all we expect you to dedicate, though some pupils are happy to do more if need be.

How will I know what to do?

You will take part in a regular programme of training sessions to prepare you for the vital role you will be playing in the Library, and receive certificates to celebrate each stage of your training. Your achievements are recognised by an end of year trip, a plentiful supply of treats throughout the year and involvement in visits by authors, poets and storytellers.

We have regular team meetings to discuss issues and rearrange timetables to fit in with all the other things you enjoy doing at breaks and lunchtimes. All your suggestions and contributions are welcome.

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday
8.10 am - 4.30 pm

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